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Prevention And Care Tips by a Physician
Praveen Mittal

Dear Fellow Community Members,

I am a physician in our community and felt this information needs to be disseminated ASAP to as many people as can access it. It addresses several common concerns like socializing, sick care, stresses/anxieties, doctor visits, finances, shopping, teens, volunteering, play dates, blood donation, eating out etc during COVID outbreak. The convenience is having all the info condensed in one document.

We are seeing some misinformation and lack of awareness in communities, which is perhaps somewhat inevitable in this time of information overload. I do also have printable versions in word files if anyone needs it emailed.

Please take the time to read the handout attached here. Do take the recommendations seriously, so we can halt the spread early and return to normalcy, hopefully soon.

Stay well, take care and please stay safe,


Link and Printable Document :