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Moongdhal Halwa
Moong dhal Halwa
Moong dhal Halwa
Sweets-Dessert,Kerala,South Indian,Veggie
1.Cooked Moong dhal-1cup
3.Cashew nuts-15
5.Orange Red color powder
7.wheat flour-1tsp
1.Pressure cook the moong dhal and mash it.

2.In a heavy bottomed pan put 5tsp ghee and heat.

3.Now add moong dhal to the pan continue stirring.
4.Mix orange red color powder in 3 spoon of water and add it to 
moong dhal.

5.Add Sugar little by little and continue stirring.

6.After all the water content of sugar  is absorbed  start 
adding ghee, finally add 1 spoon of wheat flour.

7.Stir untill it comes to halwa consistency.

8.In another Pan heat ghee & fry cashews & raisins use them to 
decorate halwa and Serve