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Paneer Tikka Masala
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Appetizer,North Indian,Veggie
-Paneer (cut into square medium size pieces) If possible, mix a 
bit red/pink edible color in biling milk while making paneer.
-long cut onion
-long cut green chillies, ginger
- oil for frying
- corn flour
-salt, rai
-Cut Paneer into medium size small pieces. sprinkle corn flour, 
a bit salt on paneer and keep asdie for 1/2 hr.
-Now deep fry paneer in vegetable Oil.
- take 2 Tbsp oil in a different pan and put rai, green 
chillies, ginger, onion in it and fry without covering it for 
few minutes. When it turns in golden color...pur deep fried 
Paneer in it...and mix well...Good qunatity of oil keeps Paneer 
soft otheriwse it will turn in very hard Paneer.

- Serve hot as soon as you remove from flame and garnish with 
green freah Dhaniya and put some slices on green chilli, onion, 
ginger, tomato at side for decoration.

Either use it for Appetizer without Rice OR you can make it in 
your Dinner menu with Rice....

Kids would love this as it doesn't have red chilli.

Hope that works well for your food menu.