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Dahi Vade
Dahi & spices
Snacks-Chaats,North Indian,Veggie
udad dal:1 cup
moong dal:1/4 cup 
Dahi: 1 Kg
Roasted jeera powder: 2 Table spoon 
Salt, red chilli: taste
kalaa namak: 1 teasp.
ginger paste: 1 small sp
green chillis: few cut pieces very small
Pour both dals into water for 5-6 hours. Remove extra water and 
Beat fine in mixi. Mix well for 10 minutes and mix salt.

Heat oil and fry till the vade are golden brown. Put these vade 
on a paper to absorb extra oil. Boil water & put vadas into 
that luke warm water and squeez them and take out from water.

Now mix kala naamk,ginger paste.

To Serve vade: put 1 vada in a bowl plate, put 1 tbspoon dahi 
and sprinkle red chilli, jeera powder and some tamrind & green 
chutney and decorate with green chillies.

Note: If you select only udad dal, the vadas will be very very 
soft BUT they will be very heavy after you eat. So prefer to 
mix moong dal in 1/4 quantity so that people won't be worried 
about the heavy food.