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Dum Alu
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any Indian Bread
Curry,Punjabi,North Indian,Veggie
12-15 small alu.
Onion & Tomato puree (take 1/2 small onion & 1 big tomato)
Bay leave & large cardamom
Green chillies, ginger
3 tb spoon ready tomato puree
1.5 tea spoon corn flour
salt, garam masala
coriander leaves.
Rai, red chilli, haldi, dhaniya powder.
put then in water for 1 hour and peel them and keep in water.
Pork Potatos after you peel with a fork so that they will be 
fried from iside properly and won't absorb much oil.Deep fry in 
hot oil and medium-high flame.
Put them on tissue.

take 2 sp oil & 1 sp ghee
put rai, chopped green chllies, ginger, bay leave, cardamom
Red chilli, haldi.
Put tomato puree and OnionTomato puree mixture. Let it cook for 
4-5 minutes.
Put 3 spoon water in corn flour and beat well. And mix in the 
above mixture. cover it and cook for few minutes.

Mix fired alu in the above gravy and cook for anohter few 
minutes so that alu will be mixed well in gravy.

Decorate with garam masala and coriander leave.

Serve with any indian bread or Rice/It gives good taste with 
indian vegetable pulav.

Note: decide to mix corn flour & water mixture based on gravy. 
If you want think gravy, mix more corn flour or if you want 
thin gravy with more water, please reduce the quantity of corn