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jeera rice/Nann
Take chole and pour into water for 8 hours and drain water and 
put in the cooker. After 1 whistle, slow down the flame. After 
5-10 minutes remove it from flame. It depends on the chole, 
thet shd be not very tender after boiling in cooker and not 
very un cooked too.

Make Tomato, Onion, green chilli, ginger puress.
small piece of small 1 garlic
bay leave, big cardamom.
cinnomon, dhaniya powder, red chilli, haldi, amchoor, salt, rai
garam masala, green coriander leave. 
Take oil in a pan, put heeng,rai, bay leave, big cardamom, 
garlic, red chilli, powder of cinnamon,haldi or if you want mix 
MDH masal(will give good odor). Soon after it, add puree paste 
in it and cover and let it cook for 10 minutes. In between, mix 
1-2 times so that it won't stick on the bottom of pan.

Now add dhaniya powder, salt and boiled chole.

put on gas for few inutes so that chole and other masale will 
be mixed properly.

When ready to serve, mix garam masala, chopped coriander leave.

serve with jeera rice/hot parantha/naan/hot fresh chpatis. and 
accomplish with onion green salad & mango pickle & papad.