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Chilli ASPARAGUS (Healty & Less calorie Food)
Asparagus, chili paste/chili flakes , cornstarch, garlic, 
ginger, grenn chilli, sesame oil, yellow onions (Optional)

Fresh Lime Juice.

Cut Asparagus carefully, if you don't cut the bottom part, you won't be able to eat properly, it will stick badly in your teeth. So cut 1/4 bottom hard part.

Either boil in water or microwave till it gets a bit tendor (i generally put in microwave after wash them properly)  Dn't make it very tendor. When you cook with spices, it gets more tendor so don't make it very tendor.

Take oil (seasam/olive oil) in a pan, put some Rai (little bit indian style) and put chopped ginger & garlic & green chillies. Mix and then put chilli flakes and soon after putting chilli flakes, put tendor asparagus and salt and cover for few minutes...mix 1-2 times and also put some fresh lime juice ...searve hot hot with rice OR just enjoy like an Appetizer...

Or if you just want to eat some light & green veggies...

You will sure feel like YOU ATE SOMETHING HEALTHY...HEALTHY...I just love it.

Would like to see your feedback for this recipe.

In the same can make spicy spicy Green Beans...But it has more calories almost 3 times than asparagus and don't need to be very tendor & extra boiling.