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Dal Makhani
Naan/Jeera Rice
Curry,Punjabi,North Indian,Veggie
1 cup black whole massor dal
1/4 cup rajma/kidney beans
Rai, Heeng, dhaniya powder, red chilli, haldi
Bay leave, Badi Ilaichi
Whole black pepper, 1-2 clove pieces
salt to taste
Butter (2 Tb spoon)
Chopped garlic, green chilli, ginger
1 small tomato & 1 onion paste/puree
- Pour dal & rajma separately into water.
-Pour Rajma into water overnight
- Dal is not required to pour into water for 8 hours, just 3-4 
hours are enough. So pour in the morning or anytime which suits 
to you But just 3-4 hours.
- after pouring into water, put dal & Rajma in the pressure 
cooker separately at different time as dal won't need to put in 
cooker for long.
- Put rajma in cooker & after 1 whistle, slow down the flame 
and keep for anohter 5 minutes
- lesser time for dal. (Mainly the boiling time in the pressure 
cooker depends on the type of rajma so just see they should not 
be very tendor & not very hard too) Once you cook with all 
masalas, rajma & dal will further going to more tendor so they 
shoudl not break / mix up messy so keep the tendorness till 
that point.

- Put oil & 1 Tb spoon of Butter in a pan, put heeng, rai, bay 
leaves, ilaichi, chopped garlic, ginger, chillies, red chilli, 
haldi, (I also prefer to add 1 small spoon of MDH Rajma Masala) 
and add puree in the last.

Let it cook and when the oil comes on means they 
masale & puree has cooked & mixed well. 

- Add dal & rajma mixture, let it mix well so let it cook for 5-
7 minutes. Mix salt, little bit of Amchoor (Dry Mango Powder) 
- When you serve, put 1 spoon on Butter on top, Buttur gives 
good taste to Dal-Makhani....and garnish with green coriander 
leave, Garam Masala...

- Cut green onion salad with green chillies and serve hot with 
Naan/Hot Paranthas/Jeere or plain Rice.