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Easy Tacos
All you need:
2 per person Taco Hard shells
Chicken breast(chx bst) 1-2 lbs
Grill pan
Taco seasoning
BBQ/Ranch sauce
Italian salad dressing
1 lime/lemon
1tsp sugar+Salt to taste
Hammer the chicken breast gently by placing it in a cloth,so it could flatten,try not to work too hard on it.
Marinate the flattned chx bst in the Italian dressing adding 1tbsp Taco seasoning to it with half cut lime and sugar and salt.
Heat the grill pan simultaneously,once hot place 2 or more pieces or more depends how big is your pan,on it.No oil is needed, since the Italian dressing has oil in it.Let it sizzle for 4-5mins on each side on high heat,till you get good grill marks on it.Let them rest for 5 mins off the grill and then cut them diagnally.
Season the cut pcs with Taco seasoning,BBQ/Ranch Sauce,finely cut tomatoes(de seeded)+onions,garnish with cilantro pinch of lime juice.
Place the first layer of Chx topped off with fresh crunchy lettuce.
There you have it..A very versatile meal-Lunch/Dinner or just a Chaat even..The choice is yours.