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Palak paneer and Aloo paratha
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Aloo paratha
Curry,Punjabi,North Indian,Veggie
Palak Paneer


- 3 bunch of Palak (Spinach)

- 1-2 medium sized Onions

- Small slice of Paneer (Cottage Cheese)

- 3-4 Garlic cloves

- Small Ginger piece

- 4-5 tbsp of cooking oil for palak

- 2-3 tbsp of oil for frying paneer

- Milk, curds, cream, and water

- Garam masala powder, Red chilly powder, Coriander powder, Salt,
and Sugar

Method of preparation:

Chop palak and clean it. Cook for 5-7minutes in a vessel with
water, dont cover  with a lid the colour will get lighter .
Meanwhile, chop onions, garlic cloves, and a piece of ginger.
Grind them together, with some water, to form a consistent paste.
Strain off water from palak, and grind it to a fine paste. Take
oil in a pan with medium flame, let it warm a little, then put
the onion, ginger, and garlic paste and fry it till it gets
brownish white (from white). Add half teaspoon garam masala,
coriander powder, red chilly powder, and pinch of salt and sugar
(according to your taste). Stir it as it gets brownish. Then add
palak paste to it along with a little water, and stir as it
cooks. Pour 2-3 tbsp of fresh curds, about 30-40ml milk, and 2
tbsp cream. Slice panner into small cubes, soak in water for
couple of mitutes, and fry it in another pan to light golden
brown color in oil. Then add it to palak. Stir for couple of
minutes, and turn off the flame. Palak Paneer is ready!

The ingredients for Palak Paneer serves 2-3 persons with moderate
appetite. :D

Aloo Paratha:


- 3 Potatoes

- Atta and water

- Coriander leaves

- Graram masala, salt, and red chilly powder

Method of preparation:

Mix atta with water in proper proportions to form a consistent
dough, and let it so for 15-20min. Meanwhile, chop the washed
potatoes into big sized blocks (helps in cooking faster). Cook
them in a pressure cooker for three whistles (it took about
15-20min for this). Take them out, and mash them by hand. Along
with it, add a pinch of garam masala powder, salt and chilly
powder. Also add finely chopped coriander leaves. Mix all of them
well. You can also add finely chopped green chillies. I avoided it.

Now, roll a slice of dough to a thin circular shape. Make two of
these, and oil it. Then, spread the mashed aloo on one of the
unbaked bread/dough. Put another rolled dough slice over this,
and roll it again. Bake it on a hot pan flipping it on either
sides. Put a little butter over it, and Aloo paratha is ready!