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Home made food
Before you order food from this advertiser, please check with them that they comply with state/federal laws and have license to sell food in your state.
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I will  prepare 

       Breakfast  also provide.
  • Idly dosa batter 40oz for $8
  • Coconut chutney 20 oz for $9
  • Sambar (half tray) $70
  • Fish curry(Andhra style)(half tray)$90
  • Chicken gravy (half tray) $90
  • Mutton gravy(half tray) $105
  • Rasam(half tray)$45
  • Potato fry(half tray) $60
  • Gobi manchurian (half tray) $65
  • CHILLI chicken (half tray)$75
  • Veg biryani (half tray)$60
  • Chicken dum biryani (half tray)$80
  • Mutton biryani (half tray) $105

SWEETS:-  Bondi laddu 
 double ka meeta(bread pudding),basen laddu,carrot halwa, etc.

Pokada, mirchi bajji, egg bajji,

BIRYANI'S: chicken, mutton, egg and veg biryanis

CURRIES: veg and non veg curries,
Sambar, rasam, all kinds of dals,
and all kind of ROTIS, PARATHAS and CHUTNEYS.

Please contact me for the price, quantity and other details.
If you are looking for something which is not in the list please let me know.