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Minnesota Pentecostal Assembly
Easter  Bible Study 2013
Easter Bible Study 2013
Worship, Discipleship, Evangelism
Christian Pentecostal Church
If you would like to know more about us or would like to attend a meeting then contact us at or Contact Church Pastor Pastor Tinku Thompson at (540)-915-8229 or Bro.Varghese at (651)-285-4755
Minnesota Pentecostal Assembly is a Pentecostal fellowship
totally committed to make disciples who will make disciples. We
are a ministry comprising of caring, loving and praying people
with a passion to serve the Lord with love and humility. We
believe in individual spiritual growth and edification for the
making of a mature Christian and every effort is taken to make
that happen. Join us for spirit-filled worship and
Bible-teachings for the young and the old. Our Services are held
in English & Malayalam language. Interested in seeking the Lord
in Truth and Spirit?
We look forward to hearing you from you, shake your hands and
begin a journey together with you.

Visit us at or contact Church Pastor
Pastor Tinku Thompson at (540)-915-8229 or Bro.Varghese at