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We are a Music Production Company Based in Minneapolis. Our Services Include. Assistance in Music Composing, Arranging, Programming and Mixing. We can Produce, Mix,Master and Print (With you're Desired CD design)with a very reasonable and negotiable price.

We also Have a "Mobile Recording" Set up with which we can record Audio at any given location(Eg: Parties,Functions,Corporate or Religious Meetings) with Industry standard quality.

Our Other Services Include DJ Services and Rentals, Voice Over Recordings and Organizing Live Bands

Some of our Previous Work Include :

Life - Instrumental Album

For You alone - Praise and worship (Christian Gospel)

SEVEN - Live Coverage of digital audio @ 48khz/24 bit digital

Maranam (Death) - Tamil Play.

Saakshiyamichuchundagaa - Telugu Album

Taarang (Live Indian Band) - Live Sound

Please feel free to call us anytime at these following numbers.

763-670-6663 - David

952-465-6873 - Anil
Or Email us at