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This clearly proves that Dravidian political 
parties are capable of twisting the truth to gain 
political grounds.  It has now been accepted that 
the arrest of Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendera 
Saraswathi is of political motive.  

If you’re still having subscription to “Sun TV”, 
cancel it immediately.  Also go one step further 
and call your relatives and friends back in India 
and ask them to stop viewing the “Sun TV” 
and “Java TV” for a month or two.  Inform the 
cable operator to stop airing the “Sun TV” 
and “Java TV”, failing which the cable 
subscription should be cancelled in protest.

For 40 years we Tamilians are sick of the 
Dravidian rule, it is time to bring a change.  We 
cannot fight in the streets with arms like other 
communal faction do.  We will fight with our 
brains for our liberty, freedom and dignity 
against the stupid policies of the Dravidian 
political parties.  To start with stop watching 
their Media.  This will teach them a lesson.

Kindly cooperate, show your strength as an Indian 
as a Hindu as a Tamilian.
God bless India.