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Designer Gift Boxes
Sweets/Jewelry Boxes, Money Envelopes...More
Traditional Decorative Gift Boxes
Our decorative Gift Boxes and Stationary are a fun and stylish 
way to present your gifts to loved ones. The decorative gift box 
arrangements come in the different size for packaging your 
sweets, jewelry or any gift and the traditional designs make 
your gift more fun to give and more fun to receive.
Our stylish and reusable boxes are a useful package that will 
surely impress the toughest judge. The unique decorative 
Stationeries are stylishly created to present your occasion in a 
sophisticated way, each item is carefully hand designed. 
Available in a variety of styles and colors, our many decorative 
gift box options are sure to have one that is perfect for you. 
All our products are great for multi-purpose use, add accent and 
flair any room with our colorful and stylish box sets or create 
a gift package that is both appealing and alluring. Choose from 
our many styles for the decorative gift boxes and stationery’s 
that's right for you. All the products are hand decorated with 
full-color traditional Indian artwork, these patterns are 
created with three dimensional paint. Designed with sturdy 
construction, the decorative Gift box collection and 
Stationeries are sure to impress any crowd. Please contact us 
for more information on any of our products.